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August 8, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Maiden Entry

Just this afternoon I got the idea to create a blog to capture the exciting process of building a house that someday soon my family and I will call home.  I’ve never written in a blog before and only occassionaly read one so this is uncharted territory for me so please be kind.
My story starts 5 years ago when Tracy and I (at that point not yet married, but that would come soon) bought a lovely 2 storey house in Timberlea with the plan to start our lives together here but in 5 years move into a larger house on a nice big lot. August 30th will mark the 5th anniversary of us living here and so we have decided to stick to our plan.
We heard through a friend that is living in Haliburton Heights, a subvision that we looked at 5 years ago, that the developer is not adding any new phases and the remaining unsold lots are moving fast so if we wanted to build there we better act quickly. I’ve always wanted to build to have the satisfaction of knowing that every little piece of the home I had a part in it, but at this point our decision still wasn’t made up whether to buy or build. After viewing a selection of homes for sale in Haliburton Heights with Robynne MacIntosh (our realtor) we decided to build because what was available just wasn’t meeting our needs.
And so here is where our jouney begins…
On July 7th (one month ago today) we met with Cameron Sleep, the developer, to see what lots were still available and he showed us what was left that would accomodate the type of home were were looking to build (a saltbox with breezeway and attached 2 car garage). We walked around 2 lots and drove by another. We were satisfied but not excited about the 2 we walked around so left with our heads down because we really wanted to live in this great subdivision.
The following day we went back again to take a look at the lots again and to walk around the one that we passed over the day before. This time Darrel, Cameron’s son, came out with us to help familiarize us with Lot 1706 (does this sounds familiar). After just a few footsteps on the property I knew this was the one for us. It was filled with lucious, thick hardwood as far as the eye could see and has a gradual rise in the grade a feature that we enjoy at our current house allowing for a near ground level back deck.
Immediately after we went to the office and signed an Agreement of Sale. The land is ours… well almost; two minor details of legal documentation and paying for it have to be completed but that’s a whole other story.
The funny thing is neither Tracy or I can recall why we passed it over the day before.
Since we signed the Agreement of Sale we worked hard to get our house ready to put on the market not that it needed a lot of fix-up work just a tonne of decluttering. On July 19th, the day the house was listed, we had our first viewing right at the kids bedtime so we ate out that night and the kids got to stay up a bit later… this was the first of several suppers in restaurants for the next couple of weeks. On August 3rd, after just 6 more viewings we received an offer from the same people that we denied a conditional offer from a week and a half before.
The evening of August 3rd was full of excitement as we countered their offer and they would came back with a new offer, both trying to maximize our dollar. At the stroke of 10pm (the closing time for our counter) we had an offer that we both agreed to. Now we’re just waiting for their financing to get in order and the house inspection that is scheduled for Thursday. So hopefully by this Friday we will have a SOLD sign on our front yard and we can start meeting with Cameron to get a house plan drawn up and have his crew start clearing the land.
Having fun yet?

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  1. Mercy Tiara / Aug 9 2007 10:45 pm

    Hey!  Cool website!  You rock!  Woohoo for Lot1706!!!!!!! 

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