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August 10, 2007 / Scott Oldford

With Pleasure

Yesterday just before lunch I received a call from Cameron to ask when we’d like to meet to start discussing house plans and the such. The two times he offered were either that evening or Sunday at 3:30. I would have loved to pounce on the opportunity that night but took the time on Sunday instead, so as not to interfere with the kids bedtime routine yet again… poor Olivia has been asking to go home when we’ve been out lately because we’ve had our lives disrupted so much in the passed 2 weeks.
I’m really looking forward to the meeting so we start collaberating on ideas with Cameron, and then he can get his Architect working on the house plans. Soon we’ll have something concrete to share instead of always describing the house as a saltbox with a breezeway and an attached 2 car garage. The plans we’re kind of working from is one we found on the Ramar website. The only differences from this plan that we’re considering are: making it a 2 car garage instead of the single, making the Family Room bigger and therefore the Living Room Smaller, Using the Living Room as a Home Office, and creating a bonus room above the garage. Click here to check out the Ramar plan.
This evening the House Inspector came to look the house over and according to Robynne the only thing that came up on his report was an issue with the oil tank. The tank needs a new fule line, guage and sheild; we were already aware of this, but couldn’t get Emera out to address it before the inspection. And Robynne also informed us she has the Financing Letter from the Buyers. So our house is as good as SOLD! Yee haa!!
At the end of the conversation with Robynne she asked if we still wanted to have the Open House this weekend and we emphatically said NO! She then asked if we could remove the Open House sign from the FOR SALE sign out front and Tracy’s reply was "With Pleasure".
Check back soon for house plans, and pictures of the lot.

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