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August 13, 2007 / Scott Oldford

I could have kissed him

Today was our day to meet with Cameron to talk about house plans… we’ve only been waiting 4 days, but it has felt like just as many weeks have gone by.
After snapping pictures of a couple houses we liked and stopping by the lot (since we signed the Agreement of Sale we’ve yet to not drive by if in Tantallon. It’s not like it’s going anywhere but we can’t resist) we arrived at the office just a few minutes before 3:30. The meeting went really well and we ended up staying until almost 6.
During the meeting we discussed the changes we want to Sunninghill MKII plans (one of his stock plans) to line up more like the Ramar salt box design that we like so much. Due to cost we ruled out the Bonus Room above the garage, but we’re still getting the breezeway and attached 2 car garage.
In about 10-14 days we should see the first draft of the house plans which I’ll post here. But before that even happens we most likely will see some excavation on the site so we’ll get a glimps of how its going to look.
Our first stop after we get the drawings will be with the cabinet maker to discuss plans for the kitchen so we can get any changes that come out of this incorporated into the plan, i.e. plumbing, window placement and electrical.
We also have the full list of suppliers so we can also start checking out flooring, plumbing fixtures, fireplaces, and window options. This part is both going to be fun and frustrating as we balance the pocket book with desire; the good news is we can upgrade a lot of these items later if we are really unhappy.
In the next few days we also need to think hard about how much sweat equity we want to put in. We could save several thousand dollars but it could come at an expense (slowing down the timeline)… we’ll see.
Just before we left the office Cameron gave us some really great news… he hopes to have us moved in before Christmas. I tell you that was music to me ears… hallelujiah!! On our way home Tracy said she could have kissed him.
To see exactly where we’re building click here. The blue ballon in the middle of the red and blue one is our lot 1706. I’ve also added a picture library titled Lot 1706 where you can see SOLD on the lot sign and a street shot of the roughly 160 feet in front of our house. And the depth of the lot just over 300 feet (47220 sqft). For reference you could fit 8 of our current lots on the new one.

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