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August 22, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Orange Digger

This afternoon Tracy called to tell me she spotted a truck and a "digger" near our lot while out in the area today, so I couldn’t help myself from going to see what was going on after the girls went to bed.
When I arrived I found a hole knocked through the rock wall and a very rudimentary driveway… definatly not one I’d want to take the Fit on, but one more suited for a digger to gain access to the property. Right where the house will some day sit was an orange digger. I was able to very easily able to walk on to the property and see the changes that are taking place.
It was getting dark and my pictures weren’t turning out so I’ll have to return during the day to show the progress but what I can say is the lot is turning out just like we want it… trees lining the perimeter so we’re not fully exposed to our neighbours on either side and some privacy from the road. It looks amazing even thought it’s just a bunch of dirt.
Check out the updated photos in the Lot 1706 Album.

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