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August 24, 2007 / Scott Oldford

441 Abbey Rd

Today we received some paperwork from our lawyer and the subject was "Purchase of 441 Abbey Road, HRM". I guess that means our civic address is going to be 441 Abbey Rd. That sounds pretty easy to remember!
On a different note Matt MacKinnon, a friend of ours that is building his second home in Haliburton (the new sign to the subdivision has dropped Heights from the name), came out last night to share some information with us on heat pumps and alternatives to hot water tanks.
After talking with Matt I think we’re going to go with a heat pump, like they are, as our primary source of heat instead. Matt has done a lot of research on different options (geo thermal, hot water, electric, forced air, ETS and heat pumps), and heat pumps has risen to the top of his list. A quote from the Halifax Heating Residential Inc – a division of Halifax Heating and Air Conditioning website states "… your heat pump can produce an average of three times more heat than the energy it uses." That sounds promising; plus a heat pump acts lik an air conditioning unit as well during hte summer. Woohoo! Its funny to think that something called "a heat pump" can cool the air too, but it litterally reverses itself and extracts the hot air from within and pushes it outside… sort of like your fridge.
For hot water they are considering an on-demand system which would place mini water heaters near the source; i.e. kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower; instead of using a traditional water heater with a large tank of water in the basement that is heating and cooling througout the day. In therory it makes sence because the energy to heat the water is on-demand and the distance to the tap is short providing near instant hot water. We’ll see what it costs and weigh the energy savings.

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