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August 26, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Small world

On Friday a bunch of us from work went out to lunch and during a conversation with Angela (someone I don’t know so well) we discovered that we will soon be neigbours and that over the past couple months Tracy and I have been admiring her house because it is the exactly what we’re looking to build (saltbox with mudroom and garage). How funny is that!! At the end of our conversation she invited us out to her house to have a walk through.
So today we went out and confirmed our love of this design. All the rooms are good sizes and the house just has good flow to it.
During our walk through we found one design element in her house that we would like to incorporate into ours that is not shown on the standard plan, however it does appear in Ramar 2-Storey plan #9. The 1/2 bath in the mudroom is a bit smaller which leaves room to put a broom closet in the mudroom. The way our design is now we have a reeeeally long sink in the bathroom… not the best use of space. We would rather have a pedestal sink anyway.
We also saw a problem with the garage; even though the garage is a double car garage hers can NOT fit 2 cars… therefore ours won’t either because they are the same width. Our developer is away for the weekend but since the land is still being cleared we should still be able to address this issue.
After visiting Angela we stopped by the lot… BIG SURPRISE!! It has changed a bit since my last visit; it now has a culvert in the ditch, and the land has been cleared a bit more.
Olivia and I walked around the lot a bit and while I was trying to set her up for a cute picture standing on a rock in the middle of a big puddle I almost lost my CROC in what felt like quick sand. While I fished my CROC out Olivia sat down on the rock and dipped her foot in the water. Precious!
Next week we’ll be meeting with the Kitchen cabinet maker. After that meeting we’ll know how much we’ll be over or under budget. God I hope its under because we want to add more, not remove more.

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  1. Mercy Tiara / Oct 7 2007 1:31 am

    AUGUST 25th????!!!!!  I demand an update!!!!

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