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October 9, 2007 / Scott Oldford

The last 44 days

I can’t beleive it has been 44 days since my last entry. WOW!! Well a lot has happened in that time and I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write an entry. Here’s a quick run down of what has taken place:
* We met with Martin Janes, our kitchen cabinet maker, and shared with him what style of cabinets we want and he provided us a CAD drawing of what our kitchen will look like. Very cool! We originally wanted an island with a raised eating area but we will now have a peninsula instead. He’s going to build them from SCRATCH in a WEEK!! I was floored when he shared this with us.
* We met with both flooring companies TWICE (one company does our hardwood and the other the tile and carpet)! The first time we picked a hardwood floor that had a purple undertone; which we didn’t see in the store so we had to go through the process again because the company we went with first had limited color choices. We’ve now found one we like and it was cheaper so we’re going to do the master bedroom in hardwood too. All of the house will be hardwood with the exception of the kitchen, mudroom, all bathrooms and the kids rooms. The kitchen, mudrooms and bathrooms will have ceramic tile; and the kids will be getting carpet… this was the other second trip. I never thought I’d be getting carpet but after watching "Sarah’s House" I changed my mind (its more kid friendly in the early years when you’re playing on the floor and its quieter). It will probably come out in 10-15 years anyway.
* We selected our lighting fixtures. As my uncle Ken says we’re getting "L-cheapo"… the cheapest on the shelf and we’re replace them over time.
* We’re going with a heat pump for our heating needs. This is exciting becasue a heat pump also provides COOLING… A/C on those hot muggy summer days and nights… oh yeah baby!!
* We’ve chosen granite as our countertop in the kitchen. It’s natural, has very little maintenance and its shiny; which is what we want for our contemparary kitchen. The color we’ve chosen is called Star Galaxy. It’s mostly black but has a grey undertone with brown flecks that refelect the light… very modern.
* We bought our appliances. We bought the matching fridge and stove for the range we already own, an over the range microwave (Panasonic of course), and the Kenmore HE frontload washer and dryer.
* The house is really coming along: The footings were poured the first week of September. The foundation was complete and backfilled the week of September 22nd. The basement and garage floor was poured September 27th. And framing started October 1st.
* We chose our siding and roofing color; Cypress and Dual Black respectively.
* Went to the plumbing store 3 times. The first time we went without talking with the plumber. Our bad, but we just thought the plans would automatically be sent to him and the store… I guess not! The next 2 times the girl at the store still did not have our list from the plumber. She has it now so I’m heading back tomorrow to pick out our sinks, showers, toilets and faucets.
A lot has happened at the new house in the last 44 days and in the middle of that we moved into a sweet rental property (how we found this is a story all on its own) and closed the sale on our old house too (September 20th). It was sad to leave the old house because so many great memories were had there but in a few short months we are going to be moving into "ME NEW HOUSE", as said by Olivia, to start new memories… actually they have already started.
Check out the updated Photos.

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