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October 16, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Last Day on the Job

Last week I received a call from our Developer informing us that there will be a little work stoppage on our property because his crew has to do some finish work on two other houses he’s building. That news really sucked becasue the workers have been really moving along on our build and I hate to see it come to a standstill… what will I do during the day :). My wife and I know one of the families that will be getting our workers so its easier to accept the news; and they need to have their house completed becasue for the last few months they have been living apart only seeing each other on weekends; he had to stay here to work and she is maternity leave living with his parents 2 hours away.
Before our workers finish today they plan to have all the windows (just the front windows were left to do) and doors installed (all to be done), and have the porch roof installed.
While our builders are away the roofer is supposed to show up to lay the shingles. We’ve chosen an IKO Aristocrat 25 shingle in Dual Black. We wanted a dark roof but I found the color Black Lustre didn’t have any character and looked like it belonged on a more formal house. I hope the siding guy will come during our little work stoppage too because I’m anxiously awaiting to see what our siding is going to look like. We’ve chosen a color called Cypress from Royal Crest. It looked like what we wanted in the showroom but colors can change in daylight and when its on a whole house vs. a 2 sqft sample.
When our workers return in a week and a half they will start partitiioning off the second level, install the staircase and finish partitioning the main level including the half bath; before then we need to double check the washer and dryer will fit in the closet and if not request some adjustments. After all the walls are up the plumbing, heating and electrical rough-in can start. When our electrician is doing his roughing-in I’ll be running my thousands of feet of telephone, data and TV wiring… i can’t wait :).
I’ll get some more pictures tomorrow to see what was finished the last day on the job.

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