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October 18, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Mystery Solved

In the last few minutes I’ve spoken with my wife, Halifax Heating and Heritage Hearth. The mystery location of the heat pump has been solved and now we know where the the propane tank can go. The heat pump will go on the back wall in close proximity of the utility room so the refridgerant line can be as short as possible… the shorter the line the more efficient the pump will be. That means the propane tank can go in either location, but we’ve chosen that it go on the side of the garage so we don’t have two large objects in the backyard that we’ll need to work around.
Due to this decision the propane lines will not be run today because the installer needs 5/8" line and he only had 1/2" on his truck, but he will be back tomorrow.
Before I hung up with the installer from Heritage Hearth he told me our custom designed mantle was framed in (it’s something I drew) and the fireplace has been installed in it. I gotta go see this now. Pictures will be posted tonight.

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