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October 18, 2007 / Scott Oldford

The Work Continues

Today I dropped in on the house to see if the roofers showed up yesterday as planned. They must have because the roof was almost complete; the main house roof was done, the porch was started and they were better than half-way done of the garage. According to one of the two roofers he expected to be done within an hour and a half of me arriving on site. COOL!
While I was there I also had a chance to talk to the siding guy, Darrell. When I arrived he was unloading our siding into the garage. I got a look at the siding and I think its exactly the color we wanted… if not its too late now because he’s been working on it for the last 4 hours. During my conversation with him he said he’ll be working on our house for the next 8-10 days… AWESOME! The Work Continues!
After talking to the two trades people I walked around the house to take my pictures from the usual spots. Just after I turned to face the house at my spot for the Back shot I heard a rustling in the trees so I quickly turned around to see what it was. I was pleased to see it was 2 deer with their tails high in the air and not a bear, as there has been a bear sighting in Westwood Hills, the subdivision across the street, recently.
As I was writing this entry I received a call from Heritage Hearth regarding the location of our propane tank for our fireplace. He gave us two options: 1) on the side of the garage or 2) on the back side of the house near the deck but 3 feet out from the house. The tank has to be located a minimum of 10 feet from the fireplace exhaust and 3 feet from a window. I liked option 2 becasue we could add in a connector for the BBQ but I don’t like it being 3 feet out from the house. Option 1 is nice too becasue the tank will be well hidden but I don’t know where our heat pump is going and that takes priority.

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