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October 31, 2007 / Scott Oldford

A Flurry of Activity

It has been 12 days since my last entry… OMG!!
Well in those last 12 days there has been a flurry of activity and today there were actual flurries… yes I’m talking about that ugly 4 letter S word… SNOW! It didn’t last long but I saw snow and so did some of the tradespeople.
Here’s a run down of what has happened since my last entry:
1. The siding guy has continued installing the siding; and it looks AWESOME! Working from a small sample its hard to tell how its going to look but we got the color we wanted. The trim around the windows and doors look awesome too! The first day Darrell, the siding guy, was at the house he showed me some wider J-trim to trim out the windows and doors. Now that its on I’m really happy with it. We wanted the windows trimed out so they were more prominent but we didn’t want the standard saltbox trim. Instead of flutes and crowns (very colonial looking) we got picture frames. See pictures from October 26th for a window closeup.
2. The propane line was installed and the fireplace framed out just like we designed it. See October 3rd pictures for drawing and October 26th to see it framed in.
3. Door locks and deadbolts installed.
4. Garage door installed.
5. Second floor framing finished. We almost lost the linen closet in the main bathroom but due to some quick thinking. on my behalf, it was saved but that meant sacrificing approx 8" of width from the upstairs hallway.
6. Stairs installed.
7. Attic accesses installed. I’ve asked that one of them be moved (my error).
8. Back deck built.
8. Heating and plumbing trades started and later this week the electrician will start too.
While at the house today I met with the electrician to review our "special requests", the kitchen guy to review the layout (we have more space), and the heating guys to review the location of the blower (due to a supporting wall in the basement it has to reside outside the mechanical room, so we’re losing about 4 feet).
So over the weekend I’ll be busy pulling wire for my phone, data and TV; and before you know it, they will will be drywalling.
Very exciting!

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