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November 2, 2007 / Scott Oldford

On Deck

The siding is now complete and doesn’t it look great! With the exception of the front veranda and a little trim around the garage door, the exterior is complete… it looks like a home now and stands proud at the end of Abbey Rd.
The electrician started this afternoon so that means that I’m on deck. I got my data and telephone wire today (getting the coax and speaker wire tomorrow) and I plan to get started pulling the wire Saturday morning. I want to have at least 1 phone, 1 data and 1 coax in every room to make this a multimedia house…. no matter where you are you can plug in a TV, a computer or a phone. We will also be WiFi equipped but wireless does not have the reliability or bandwidth for HD multimedia. Now is the time to do it when the wall cavities are open. Doing it after the gyproc is up is a lot harder and limiting unless you don’t mind patching holes.
While I was at the house I showed the girls their rooms and I think they liked them. See pictures from November 1st.
The Whirlppol tub was also installed today (or maybe it was yesterday, I didn’t visit the house on Halloween). I guess that’s it for bathroom fixtures (the showers were installed last week) until the floors are tiled.
The place is really coming together and in a short 6 weeks we should be preparing to move in like our friends Matt and Jenn. They’ve been given a November 17th move in date. How exciting!

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