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November 9, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Bad News/Good News

The Bad News
Well as you may have already heard last weekend post-tropical storm Noel hit the Maritimes and knocked out power for over 100 thousand people in NS… lucklily we were not one of them, but it did have an effect on us. You see Monday the electrical inspection was supposed to take place but the inspector was busy getting power back on for all the people who lost there’s so the inspection was pushed out to Wednesday. The delay in the electrical inspection caused a ripple effet in the insulation schedule (supposed to start on Tuesday), and drywall (planned for a Friday start). In total Noel was causing about a 5 day delay becasue the insulators and drywallers had other jobs scheduled besides ours and couldn’t reschedule until the following week. So much for our moved in before Christmas plan.
The Good News
Today our builder called to inform us the insulators are well underway and the drywall will start this weekend as originally planned. Yahoo!!
And with that comes the second draw on our Construction Mortgage so I’ve had to engage the Bank again. Hopefully they will be quicker releasing the money this time. The first draw took almost 2 weeks from the time it was requested.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed there are no other major delays.

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