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November 21, 2007 / Scott Oldford

The Stars are Aligning

Well the drywallers started on Monday the 12th (everyone deserves a weekend off especially a Holiday weekend) and finished on either the 13th or 14th. Man they were fast! For about 5 minutes I just stood in amazement just watching them slinging the 12 foot long pieces of drywall up on the walls. In swear they could complete a whole room in the same time I would get one sheet up. Sophie was taking it all in too… I don’t think she blinked once.
Then on Thursday the crackfillers showed up and they worked up until today. Watching them was pretty cool too but it was the graceful long strides on stilts vs. the whir of the drywall gun and buzz of the cut-out tool that was fun to watch.
FUNNY STORY: During one of my first conversations with Dennis, the main crackfilling guy, he was cleaning some dried crackfiller off the tip of a screwdriver. Unprovoked he started to tell me all about his pearl-handled Snap-On Tools Indy 500 Collectors Edition Phillips screwdrivers, including that he paid $400 for the set of 5 of them. Holy Cow!! I guess everyone has their hobby.
Now on to some really AWESOME news… we’ve been given a move-in date… December 13th! All along we’ve been going on the notion that we’ll be in before XMAS. In my mind that would be XMAS Eve or just a few days before, which wouldn’t be fun but we’d deal with it. Then this week our Developer called and said we could move in on the 15th. I asked if we could store our stuff in the garage so we wouldn’t have to move it 3 times this year and he had no problem with that. Then about 10 minutes later he called back and said we could propably move in on the 13th as well. The 13th is a crucial date for us because the owners of the house we’re staying in are moving here on the 14th so we need to be out of here before then. The stars are aligning for us.
Next step trim and painting.

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  1. Mercy Tiara / Nov 21 2007 11:17 pm

    Uh, hello??? Your wife’s BIRTHDAY is also on the 13th!

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