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December 5, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Music to My Ears (T minus 9)

Well yesterday the hardwood flooring arrived. Like a lot of choices we’ve had to make, we had to make the selection of our hardwood floor twice. The first stain color we chose looked great in the showroom but once we got it home in regular lighting and got the input from my two sisters we realized it was not going to work. We wanted something dark but not black because we still wanted to see the wood grain. The stain in our first choice had a purple undertone, which we didn’t see in the showroom, and the stain we chose for our kitchen cabinets (which we didn’t want to change) had an orangey-red undertone and they were clashing. It was unfortunate because we were getting a great deal on this wood, so back to Vintage we went.
We received as good a deal on our second choice as the first but after we settled on it we got a bit of a scare; the manufacturer is is discontinuing the line so we weren’t sure if we could even get it, but the owner of Vintage was able to secure enough for us.  Lucky for us because I didn’t want to go through the selection process a third time because we were running out of economical options.
When I arrived at the house yesteday the installers had the Family Room, Eating area and part of the downstairs hallway already layed and they were working right on pace according to one of the installers. It looks awesome! Cherry Spice was definitely the right choice.
Today Sophie and I enjoyed our lunch on the hardwood floor in the Family Room. It was fun to sit there just the two of us and I’m sure it was just the first of many.
Other activties that have taken place so far this week include:
  • Installation of Heat pump blower unit and HRV. The heat pump will be installed sometime later this week.
  • Light fixtures arrived. Today I exchanged some fixtures that I wasn’t 100% with… more changing our minds 🙂
  • Installation of a vanity light in the 1/2 bath that was overlooked.
  • The remaining kitchen cabinets arrived and are being installed.
  • The hardwood staircase guys are back to finish off the staircase. We now have hardwood treads to go with the risers that were installed last week. The flooring guys have stopped until these guys are done.
  • The plumbing fixtures arrived.

And according to my informant the plumber arrived shortly after I left so we may have running water.

The only item that hasn’t happened yet from my list on Friday is receiving the appliances which are being delivered tomorrow, a bit earlier than planned which is nice.

I also received some really great news today about our granite countertop. It should be installed by the middle of next week. Up until that conversation we were most likely going to be using a temporary countertop until the granite was ready the following week. It was like music to my ears.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings but it still looks like the house will be ready next Thursday. OMG we better get packing!!


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