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December 7, 2007 / Scott Oldford

The Heat is On! (T-7)

In the last 2 days the house has really started to look like a house instead of a construction site. The two pieces of work that tipped the scale for me was the hardwood floor and the staircase. At about 3pm yesterday the hardwood flooring installers completed the floor (all in Cherry Spice; more on that in a bit) and the railing installer had all the posts and some of the balusters installed. He was positioning the railing when I first saw him. It looked awesome! And it looks even better today with all the balusters and the railing installed too.
Ok now for the story on the "all in Cherry Spice". As I mentioned in a previous post there was issue with the manufacturer discontinuing that line and delays in getting the wood. Well about 3 weeks ago when I was at the house with the kitchen cabinet maker we realized that we couldn’t bring the cabinets up flush with the hall wall becasue the crown moulding would stick out and be seen from the front entry, and on the other side of the kitchen we had the patio door contending with the raised bar. In the end we had to introduce hardwood 5 inches into the "kitchen space" so as not to have ceramic just in front of the raised bar which meant we may be short on the Cherry Spice. But as luck would have it there was just enough. The pile of scrap was approximately the equivalent of 5-6 lenghts of wood. That’s pretty exact!
Other activities that have taken place over the last 2 days include:
  • Plumbing fixtures installed. Olivia was the first to pee in a toilet in the new house (she’s peed in her porta-potty before) even before the water was hooked up. 🙂
  • Most of the Kitchen Cabinets have been installed
  • Received some of my appliances. Microwave and dishwasher were successfully delivered. Fridge, Washer and Dryer will be delivered next week due to no front step.
Tonight when I popped over to the house to drop something off for the kitchen cabinet installer I met the Halifax Heating guys who were testing the heat pump. It is now hooked up and "The Heat is On!"
Work scheduled for the next few days are is follows:
  • Finish installing kitchen cabinets
  • Installation of carpet flooring in the kids rooms. Thanks Sarah!
  • Install baseboard mouldings
  • Install front steps
  • Install lighting fixtures
This weekend I have to put in a bit of time at the house as well to run a data line, a phone line and 4 coax lines from the garage to the utility room where I terminated all my comm/data wires. I love this stuff!
And the really big news today… ONLY one more week until we move in! It is hard to believe the day is almost here.

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