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May 9, 2008 / Scott Oldford

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

It has been almost 5 months since my last post and in that time I’ve gone through 2 hard drives and 3 disk crashes setting me back in updating this blog… but here I am tonight typing my last entry on the construction phase of our house.
As our contractor promised the house was ready to move into on December 13th. That morning his cleaning lady cleaned the place from top to bottom removing the last remnants of construction materials officially making it a home.
While the cleaning lady was getting our new home ready we were busy moving out of "The Little While House". The day got off to a rocky start and had a rocky finish but all parts in between went pretty well. To start off the parking brake wouldn’t engage on the moving truck and the truck kept sliding down the driveway at The Little While House, so they had to take it back and get a new truck. This set the move back an hour which meant they were unloading after dark in an all-day moving job.
When we finally made our way to the house with all of our belongings we noticed the kitchen counter tops still went in place, but they were supposed to have been installed that morning. When Cameron, our Contractor came by to see how we were doing he took note of this and didn’t say anything. No more than an hour later Nova Tile and Marble was there with our countertop… we have no proof but I’m certain Cameron got on the phone and made it happen.
At this point the movers still had quite a bit left to do but so we could have a countertop they took a bit of a break to let the countertop installers back their truck up the driveway to unload the couple hundred pounds of Star Galaxy granite countertop. I still remember it as if it was yesterday… as they were taking the last piece off the truck (the piece with the sink cut-out) I had this sinking feeling in my stomach as I noticed the cut-out was not the shape of the sink we ordered. I said "GUYS!!! That piece it cut wrong." They stopped taking it off the truck and we went in side to look at the sink. The sink (Blanco Precis U 1 3/4) was still in the box and when the box was opened we had another surprise… the sink had a huge crack between the bowls. OH NO!!
So its Thursday night at 4:30 and the plumbing store where the sink was purchased is closed for the night so were not getting a new sink tonight, and the granite was cut for a different Blanco sink, the Diamond U 1 3/4 sink (a 1 and 3/4 bowl but has different dimensions and shape than the Precis); so what do we do, order a sink to match the cut-out or get a new piece of granite cut? Our preference was the latter because we really wanted the Precis and it wasn’t our mistake that the countertop was cut for the wrong sink. As it turned out the cut-out was in the wrong spot so a new piece of granite would have to be cut, so a new sink was ordered and we didn’t have to make a decision.
That night we had… as you might have guessed… "everything but the kitchen sink". 🙂
Since we didn’t have a kitchen sink Brian Archibald, Owner of Accent Plumbing and Heating, came by on Friday to install a temporary sink, but little did we know we would be living like this until January 9th (3 days before the Birthday Party for our 1 year old).
Yes Christmas and New Years played a factor in it taking almost a month to get a replacement but would you believe a total of 3 new sinks were ordered and shipped but it wasn’t until the 4th sink arrived that we had one that too was NOT cracked. Yes the next 2 were also cracked in the exact same spot; Blanco tried to blame the shippers but I find it extrememly unlikely that 3 could be broken in shipping… there has to be either a design flaw in the product or its not being packaged properly and at $500 a pop that’s a lot of $$$ thrown out the window.
In the days leading up to the 9th I had to schedule the countertop installation, basksplash tiler, and the cabinet maker because our contractor was out of the country and I wanted the house to look finshed when we had family and friends over for the Birthday Party. Everything was dependant on the sink arriving in one piece and it did so the countertop was installed on the 9th, and the backsplash and the lighting valances on the 10th. I enjoyed project managing the trades people and thought this might be a future career move for me, but for now I’ve got my eyes set on something else.
Until next time…

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