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September 30, 2010 / Scott Oldford

Not Just a LOT Anymore

In just a couple months, December 13 to be exact, it will be 3 years since we moved in and boy do we love being here. Our neighbours are friendly, and some have kids close in age to ours; the community is awesome; and we have a great bunch of friends within close proximity.

Since my last post 2 1/2 years have passed and a lot has happened to our house in that time so I guess a logical place to start this update would be where I left off.

Shortly after we moved in my artistic sister went to work creating two beautiful murals for the girl’s rooms. Olivia’s room now has 4 life-sized ballet students and their teacher painted on her walls, and Sophie has v2 of the mural that was on the wall above her crib in the Timberlea house. Both are amazing JennO originals.

Speaking of JennO originals; that first Christmas I received my very own piece that we placed in the dining room. I have a dream of someday opening a family-friendly cafe and my sister created this piece to keep me inspired, I guess!

Last winter in an effort to reduce some heat loss through the basement we studded, insulated, and drywalled over half of the basement. It seemed to make a bit of a difference, but we need to complete the project and do something with the floor to realize the full effect. In the semi-finished area Tracy has built herself a very elaborate scrapbooking area (I can’t call it a room because its all open). In this area she puts her creative ideas down on paper and her art form has really matured since her first pieces.

As with most new home constructions the builder leaves the lot rough graded and for 2 summers I dreaded letting the kids out to play in this. And so last summer friends of ours that built at the same time as us landscaped their yard the month before their oldest daughters birthday party (our oldest kids were born a week apart, and our youngest were born less than 2 weeks apart). After the party Olivia said she wanted grass for her next birthday. Well Olivia got her wish we had grass but it was a wet day so the kids didn’t get to play in the grass. Oh well, the grass looks awesome and I’m so glad we did it as it completely changed the look of the property. We’ve even received an unsolicited compliment from a Realtor about our house.

Another project that has changed the look of the house was skirting the front porch with privacy lattice and staining the porch Cape Cod Grey. I haven’t gotten around to staining the lattice yet but I think I’ll wait until next year to give the pressure treated wood a chance to weather a bit so it matches the original wood when stained.

A house is not a home without people and in the last 3 years we’ve had many many birthday parties, family gatherings, BBQs, dinner parties, and playdates. LOT 1706 is no longer just a lot its our home.


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