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November 9, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Bad News/Good News

The Bad News
Well as you may have already heard last weekend post-tropical storm Noel hit the Maritimes and knocked out power for over 100 thousand people in NS… lucklily we were not one of them, but it did have an effect on us. You see Monday the electrical inspection was supposed to take place but the inspector was busy getting power back on for all the people who lost there’s so the inspection was pushed out to Wednesday. The delay in the electrical inspection caused a ripple effet in the insulation schedule (supposed to start on Tuesday), and drywall (planned for a Friday start). In total Noel was causing about a 5 day delay becasue the insulators and drywallers had other jobs scheduled besides ours and couldn’t reschedule until the following week. So much for our moved in before Christmas plan.
The Good News
Today our builder called to inform us the insulators are well underway and the drywall will start this weekend as originally planned. Yahoo!!
And with that comes the second draw on our Construction Mortgage so I’ve had to engage the Bank again. Hopefully they will be quicker releasing the money this time. The first draw took almost 2 weeks from the time it was requested.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed there are no other major delays.
November 2, 2007 / Scott Oldford

On Deck

The siding is now complete and doesn’t it look great! With the exception of the front veranda and a little trim around the garage door, the exterior is complete… it looks like a home now and stands proud at the end of Abbey Rd.
The electrician started this afternoon so that means that I’m on deck. I got my data and telephone wire today (getting the coax and speaker wire tomorrow) and I plan to get started pulling the wire Saturday morning. I want to have at least 1 phone, 1 data and 1 coax in every room to make this a multimedia house…. no matter where you are you can plug in a TV, a computer or a phone. We will also be WiFi equipped but wireless does not have the reliability or bandwidth for HD multimedia. Now is the time to do it when the wall cavities are open. Doing it after the gyproc is up is a lot harder and limiting unless you don’t mind patching holes.
While I was at the house I showed the girls their rooms and I think they liked them. See pictures from November 1st.
The Whirlppol tub was also installed today (or maybe it was yesterday, I didn’t visit the house on Halloween). I guess that’s it for bathroom fixtures (the showers were installed last week) until the floors are tiled.
The place is really coming together and in a short 6 weeks we should be preparing to move in like our friends Matt and Jenn. They’ve been given a November 17th move in date. How exciting!
October 31, 2007 / Scott Oldford

A Flurry of Activity

It has been 12 days since my last entry… OMG!!
Well in those last 12 days there has been a flurry of activity and today there were actual flurries… yes I’m talking about that ugly 4 letter S word… SNOW! It didn’t last long but I saw snow and so did some of the tradespeople.
Here’s a run down of what has happened since my last entry:
1. The siding guy has continued installing the siding; and it looks AWESOME! Working from a small sample its hard to tell how its going to look but we got the color we wanted. The trim around the windows and doors look awesome too! The first day Darrell, the siding guy, was at the house he showed me some wider J-trim to trim out the windows and doors. Now that its on I’m really happy with it. We wanted the windows trimed out so they were more prominent but we didn’t want the standard saltbox trim. Instead of flutes and crowns (very colonial looking) we got picture frames. See pictures from October 26th for a window closeup.
2. The propane line was installed and the fireplace framed out just like we designed it. See October 3rd pictures for drawing and October 26th to see it framed in.
3. Door locks and deadbolts installed.
4. Garage door installed.
5. Second floor framing finished. We almost lost the linen closet in the main bathroom but due to some quick thinking. on my behalf, it was saved but that meant sacrificing approx 8" of width from the upstairs hallway.
6. Stairs installed.
7. Attic accesses installed. I’ve asked that one of them be moved (my error).
8. Back deck built.
8. Heating and plumbing trades started and later this week the electrician will start too.
While at the house today I met with the electrician to review our "special requests", the kitchen guy to review the layout (we have more space), and the heating guys to review the location of the blower (due to a supporting wall in the basement it has to reside outside the mechanical room, so we’re losing about 4 feet).
So over the weekend I’ll be busy pulling wire for my phone, data and TV; and before you know it, they will will be drywalling.
Very exciting!
October 18, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Mystery Solved

In the last few minutes I’ve spoken with my wife, Halifax Heating and Heritage Hearth. The mystery location of the heat pump has been solved and now we know where the the propane tank can go. The heat pump will go on the back wall in close proximity of the utility room so the refridgerant line can be as short as possible… the shorter the line the more efficient the pump will be. That means the propane tank can go in either location, but we’ve chosen that it go on the side of the garage so we don’t have two large objects in the backyard that we’ll need to work around.
Due to this decision the propane lines will not be run today because the installer needs 5/8" line and he only had 1/2" on his truck, but he will be back tomorrow.
Before I hung up with the installer from Heritage Hearth he told me our custom designed mantle was framed in (it’s something I drew) and the fireplace has been installed in it. I gotta go see this now. Pictures will be posted tonight.
October 18, 2007 / Scott Oldford

The Work Continues

Today I dropped in on the house to see if the roofers showed up yesterday as planned. They must have because the roof was almost complete; the main house roof was done, the porch was started and they were better than half-way done of the garage. According to one of the two roofers he expected to be done within an hour and a half of me arriving on site. COOL!
While I was there I also had a chance to talk to the siding guy, Darrell. When I arrived he was unloading our siding into the garage. I got a look at the siding and I think its exactly the color we wanted… if not its too late now because he’s been working on it for the last 4 hours. During my conversation with him he said he’ll be working on our house for the next 8-10 days… AWESOME! The Work Continues!
After talking to the two trades people I walked around the house to take my pictures from the usual spots. Just after I turned to face the house at my spot for the Back shot I heard a rustling in the trees so I quickly turned around to see what it was. I was pleased to see it was 2 deer with their tails high in the air and not a bear, as there has been a bear sighting in Westwood Hills, the subdivision across the street, recently.
As I was writing this entry I received a call from Heritage Hearth regarding the location of our propane tank for our fireplace. He gave us two options: 1) on the side of the garage or 2) on the back side of the house near the deck but 3 feet out from the house. The tank has to be located a minimum of 10 feet from the fireplace exhaust and 3 feet from a window. I liked option 2 becasue we could add in a connector for the BBQ but I don’t like it being 3 feet out from the house. Option 1 is nice too becasue the tank will be well hidden but I don’t know where our heat pump is going and that takes priority.
October 16, 2007 / Scott Oldford

Last Day on the Job

Last week I received a call from our Developer informing us that there will be a little work stoppage on our property because his crew has to do some finish work on two other houses he’s building. That news really sucked becasue the workers have been really moving along on our build and I hate to see it come to a standstill… what will I do during the day :). My wife and I know one of the families that will be getting our workers so its easier to accept the news; and they need to have their house completed becasue for the last few months they have been living apart only seeing each other on weekends; he had to stay here to work and she is maternity leave living with his parents 2 hours away.
Before our workers finish today they plan to have all the windows (just the front windows were left to do) and doors installed (all to be done), and have the porch roof installed.
While our builders are away the roofer is supposed to show up to lay the shingles. We’ve chosen an IKO Aristocrat 25 shingle in Dual Black. We wanted a dark roof but I found the color Black Lustre didn’t have any character and looked like it belonged on a more formal house. I hope the siding guy will come during our little work stoppage too because I’m anxiously awaiting to see what our siding is going to look like. We’ve chosen a color called Cypress from Royal Crest. It looked like what we wanted in the showroom but colors can change in daylight and when its on a whole house vs. a 2 sqft sample.
When our workers return in a week and a half they will start partitiioning off the second level, install the staircase and finish partitioning the main level including the half bath; before then we need to double check the washer and dryer will fit in the closet and if not request some adjustments. After all the walls are up the plumbing, heating and electrical rough-in can start. When our electrician is doing his roughing-in I’ll be running my thousands of feet of telephone, data and TV wiring… i can’t wait :).
I’ll get some more pictures tomorrow to see what was finished the last day on the job.
October 9, 2007 / Scott Oldford

The last 44 days

I can’t beleive it has been 44 days since my last entry. WOW!! Well a lot has happened in that time and I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write an entry. Here’s a quick run down of what has taken place:
* We met with Martin Janes, our kitchen cabinet maker, and shared with him what style of cabinets we want and he provided us a CAD drawing of what our kitchen will look like. Very cool! We originally wanted an island with a raised eating area but we will now have a peninsula instead. He’s going to build them from SCRATCH in a WEEK!! I was floored when he shared this with us.
* We met with both flooring companies TWICE (one company does our hardwood and the other the tile and carpet)! The first time we picked a hardwood floor that had a purple undertone; which we didn’t see in the store so we had to go through the process again because the company we went with first had limited color choices. We’ve now found one we like and it was cheaper so we’re going to do the master bedroom in hardwood too. All of the house will be hardwood with the exception of the kitchen, mudroom, all bathrooms and the kids rooms. The kitchen, mudrooms and bathrooms will have ceramic tile; and the kids will be getting carpet… this was the other second trip. I never thought I’d be getting carpet but after watching "Sarah’s House" I changed my mind (its more kid friendly in the early years when you’re playing on the floor and its quieter). It will probably come out in 10-15 years anyway.
* We selected our lighting fixtures. As my uncle Ken says we’re getting "L-cheapo"… the cheapest on the shelf and we’re replace them over time.
* We’re going with a heat pump for our heating needs. This is exciting becasue a heat pump also provides COOLING… A/C on those hot muggy summer days and nights… oh yeah baby!!
* We’ve chosen granite as our countertop in the kitchen. It’s natural, has very little maintenance and its shiny; which is what we want for our contemparary kitchen. The color we’ve chosen is called Star Galaxy. It’s mostly black but has a grey undertone with brown flecks that refelect the light… very modern.
* We bought our appliances. We bought the matching fridge and stove for the range we already own, an over the range microwave (Panasonic of course), and the Kenmore HE frontload washer and dryer.
* The house is really coming along: The footings were poured the first week of September. The foundation was complete and backfilled the week of September 22nd. The basement and garage floor was poured September 27th. And framing started October 1st.
* We chose our siding and roofing color; Cypress and Dual Black respectively.
* Went to the plumbing store 3 times. The first time we went without talking with the plumber. Our bad, but we just thought the plans would automatically be sent to him and the store… I guess not! The next 2 times the girl at the store still did not have our list from the plumber. She has it now so I’m heading back tomorrow to pick out our sinks, showers, toilets and faucets.
A lot has happened at the new house in the last 44 days and in the middle of that we moved into a sweet rental property (how we found this is a story all on its own) and closed the sale on our old house too (September 20th). It was sad to leave the old house because so many great memories were had there but in a few short months we are going to be moving into "ME NEW HOUSE", as said by Olivia, to start new memories… actually they have already started.
Check out the updated Photos.